LED Lighting Flexibility

This is the second of a 5-article series on LED lighting.  In this series, we will be going in depth on the benefits they provide and why ever company and person should consider installing them in their place of business.  In this article, we will be discussing the flexibility of LED lighting and how it can be used in many different applications.  LED lighting is directional, comes in different colors, small, dimmable, can be turned off or on instantly, and shock resistant.


The directional nature of LED lighting enables them to be used in applications such as accent or product lighting.  Their small size means you can put them anywhere.  Combining these two features gives you a powerful tool to put light anywhere you want it.


Led lights also come in assorted colors.  Common colors include red, green, blue, and white.  If you want to give mood lighting without using bulky fixtures with filters.  They are also dimmable, so you can control the intensity.


Lastly, LED lights are shock resistant.  If you need to put them on something that may receive impacts, LED lights are less likely to break.  Standard blubs use a thin wire filament that breaks easily.


In conclusion, LED lights have many features that cause them to be extremely flexible in use.  They can be used for lighting parking lots, office buildings, accent lighting, or even the pixels in your TV or smartphone.  No matter what application for which you need lighting, LED lights can be the solution.  Next week we will discuss how LED lighting is environmentally friendly.