LED Lighting Benefits OverviewWelcome to the first of a 5-article series on LED lighting.  In this series, we will be going in depth on the benefits they provide and why ever company and person should consider installing them in their place of business.  LED lighting is flexible, environmentally friendly, safe, and will save you money.


LED lights can be extremely flexible in their applications.  They are small, directional, available in different colors, dimmable, turn off or on instantly, shock resistant, and low voltage.  Because of this, they can be put almost anywhere and serve almost any roll.


LED lights are also environmentally friendly.  Because they are made with all non-toxic materials, they can be safely handled and disposed of without as much environmental impact.  LED lights are also completely recyclable.


LED lights are also incredibly safe.  They do not heat up like regular incandescent bulbs so there is a lesser risk of fire hazard.  They are also usually made of plastics instead of glass, which means less broken glass in case of accidents.


LED lights can also save you money.  Although they are more expensive up front, they last way longer than traditional light bulbs.  This means less to buy, less to install, and less to worry about.  They also use much less electricity than a standard bulb.  For large businesses, this can translate to huge savings on your electric bill.


In conclusion, LED lights have loads of benefits over traditional lighting.  They are flexible, environmentally friendly, safe, and save you money.  Next article will be about the flexibility of LED lighting and how they can work for your business.