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Bed Bug Heaters

Mosebach BK10L Bed Bug Heater 300 sq ft

Mosebach BK10L Bed Bug Heater 300 sq ft

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Covers 300 Square Feet
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Mosebach’s Locally Controlled Bed Bug Heaters Mosebach has recently introduced Locally Controlled bed bug heaters! Heat Treatment is the most efficient way to kill bed bugs! You do not have to locate all the hiding places of the bugs like you have to with chemicals. A bed bug heat treatment consists of bringing a room up to a lethal 125°F and keeping it there for several hours. Why Treat With Heat? At 125°F bed bugs and their eggs will die in less than 1 minute. We recommend holding that temperature or higher for at least 2 hours to ensure the heat saturates into the mattress and other furniture the bed bugs could be living in. see our spec sheet for a more detailed heat treatment procedure. Locally Controlled Bed Bug Heaters Spec Sheet. Mosebach’s Bed Bug Heaters are designed to use common power sources without the use of a generator so you can kill the bed bugs cheaply and quickly. We have three different locally controlled bed bug heaters ranging in power from 9 to 20 kW. They are some of the most durable heaters on the market. We manufacture our own heating elements and we do not use any ceramics that can easily break on other heaters. The thermostat allows you to set the temperature and allow the heater to work for you. All our heaters are made in Pittsburgh, PA USA!


BK10L Powered by: (6) 120V 15 amp circuits Power: 9,300 Watts Heat: 31,732 Btu/h Weight: 27 lbs Dimensions: 19’’ x 11’’ x 15’’ Air Volume: 830 CFM Thermostat: Local digital thermostat Safety: Over temperature fault & Tip Fault Special Feature: Zero ceramics used in unit Warranty: 1 year on parts and labor 2 years on heating elements
Product Height : 15"
Product Length : 19"
Product Width : 11"


Bed Bug Heat Treatment Suggestions: Adjustments must be made to treatment procedures for the given conditions in a treatment area. Effective treatment may require larger or multiple heaters depending on the size and conditions of a given treatment area. Correct power must be supplied to the unit. Please refer to the quote for rated voltages and amperages. Bed Bug Heat Treatment Recommendations Use seals to block any gaps in the doors High temperature insulation to cover vents, air conditioners, isolate spaces and cover cement Insulate windows Insulate / cover any vents or through-wall AC units Furniture might have to be rearranged for better heat circulation (including mattress and box spring) Fans to help circulate the heat are recommended. Fans must be rated to run in high temperature environments and should have low amperage draw to prevent tripping a breaker and losing treatment time. Correct voltages must be applied for the heaters to run properly. The Bed Bug Heaters are rated for 120V and 240V single phase. The starting temperature of the area will affect the time needed to reach desired temperature. A very cold area will take longer to reach lethal temperatures than a warm one. Use more or larger Bed Bug Heaters per treated area. Thermostat may be outside of the treated area where it can be easily monitored. It may also stay inside a treated area, though any entry into an area being treated will result in heat loss. Any fan or ventilation system that either draws in outside air or vents out the heated air from the treatment area will result in heat loss. These areas need to be covered up to prevent heat loss. Any door or window that is left open, even slightly, will result in heat loss. Every space is different, and treatment procedures must be adjusted to accommodate the particulars of the space being treated.


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