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Lab Incubation

Panasonic Heated Only Incubator MIR-162-PA

Panasonic Heated Only Incubator MIR-162-PA

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3.3 Cu. Ft.

22.8W x 23.4"D x 32.3"H
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Lab & Pharmacy Refrigerator - Heated Only Incubator - Panasonic MIR-162

Heated Only Incubator, Panasonic MIR-162, incorporates an 8-bit microprocessor controller for heat and refrigeration control to +/-0.2 Deg C, control panel with touch keyboard, precise temperature control, easy-to-read green LED display, durable stainless steel for interior cabinet and light shielding plate. It is one of the highest quality incubators manufactured by Panasonic. It is a must have for all incubator enthusiasts.

Heated Only Incubator - Panasonic MIR-162 Features:

The MIR-Series incorporates an 8-bit microprocessor controller for heat and refrigeration control;0.2 deg C. Programmable models include three-step functions useful for investigations involving microbiology, plant cell biology and more.

Precise Temperature Control For accurate, Repeatable Conditions

  • High precision microprocessor controller combined with a heater P.I.D. and compressor On-Off system.
  • Feed forward function inputs compressor operating conditions beforehand, assuring accurate temperature control.
  • Wide temperature range settable from -10 deg C to +50 deg C with precise temperature control to;0.2 deg C.
  • Chamber temperature uniformity;0.5 deg C

Energy Saving Operation

  • Microprocessor control operates heater and compressor functions for optimum automatic operation.
  • Control sensitivity to ambient and load conditions minimizes power requirement.

CFC-Free Foamed-In-Place Rigid Insulation

  • High thermal retention
  • Energy saving
  • Environmentally safe

Triple-Pane Glass Window, fluorescent Lamp

  • Allow sample observation during process.
  • Light shielding plate (MIR-153/253) can be attached to block ambient light

Alarm and Security System, Automatic Setting Temperature Alarm

  • Activates automatically if chamber temperature deviates more than 2.5 deg C from setpoint
  • Digital indicator flashes during warning
  • Audible buzzer sounds after 10 minutes
  • Accommodates programmed operation or setpoint changes

Independent Over and Under-Temperature Protection

  • Isolated from main circuit, an exclusive and independent sensor functions even if sensor or microprocessor continuity is interrupted
  • Activates audible and visual warning in case of deviation
  • Over temperature function:
    • Turns off heater and chamber fan motor during alarm condition
    • 15 deg C - 55 deg C
  • Under temperature function
    • Turns off refrigeration compressor
    • -15 deg C to +20 deg C
  • Remote alarm contacts provided for connection to external alarm system

Programmed Memory Back-Up System

  • Retains programmed data for approximately 5 hours if power is interrupted.
  • When power is restored, operation continues according to pre-determined program

Automatic Return Buzzer Switch

  • Automatically switches to ON mode after alarm condition
  • Minimizes chance of human error on alarm reset.

Control Key Lock Switch

  • Prevents unauthorized change in setpoints or programs
  • Includes multi-position switch activated to ON or OFF by control key

Control Key Auto Return

  • Automatically returns temperature indicator to normal indication when control key is not operated for approximately 90 seconds.
  • Assures normal operation, minimizes chance of human error if operational setting is not re-established.

Self-Diagnostic Function

  • Digitally indicates system error
  • Allows quick operator response

Refrigeration System

  • Panasonic hermetically sealed compressors
  • CFC-free refrigerants
  • fin and tube type evaporator
  • Manual start defrost, automatic finish
22.8W x 23.4"D x 32.3"H


Heated Only Incubator - Sanyo MIR-162
Effective Capacity 3.3 cu.ft.(93 liters
Exterior Dimensions 22.83"W x 23.43"D x 32.28"H (580 x 595 x 820mm)
Interior Dimensions 17.72"W x 18.11"D x 17.72"H (450 x 460 x 450mm)
Exterior Baked acrylic finish on galvanized steel
Interior Stainless Steel (SUS-304)
Door Baked acrylic on galvanized steel
Inner Door Glass
Shelf Construction Stainless Steel, Wire
Shelves 2
Insulation Fiber Glass
Air Circulation System Natural convection
Heater 200 W Sheathed Heater
Temp. Setting Indication Digital setting with digital display
Temperature Control Microprocessor PID system, air-jacket construction
Automatic Setting temp. alarm When temp. deviates approx. +/-2.5 deg C, visual and audible alarm
Over temp. protection device Visual and audible alarm
Temperature Range (Ambient +5 deg C) to +80 deg C
Timer Automatic timer with delay function 00:00 to 99:59
Temperature Uniformity +/-1 deg C
Voltage 115 V/60 Hz/1 Phase
Power Consumption 200 W
Weight 97 lbs (44 kg)
Product Height : 32.3
Product Length : 23.4
Product Width : 22.8



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