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Lab Incubation

Panasonic Reach-in C02 Incubator MCO-80IC-PA

Panasonic Reach-in C02 Incubator MCO-80IC-PA

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SKU: MCO-80IC-PA C-S-8698

30.1 Cu. Ft.

38.8"W x 33.6"D x 80.3"H
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Lab & Pharmacy Refrigerator - Reach-in C02 Incubator - Panasonic MCO-80IC

Reach-in C02 Incubator, Panasonic MCO-80IC, is ideal for culturing large volumes of patient samples, performing short-term studies and working with large volume cell culture apparatus. It is equipped with active background contamination control, safe copper-alloy-stainless interior, shelves and plenum; horizontal laminar airflow system and forced air surrounding chamber. It is amongst the best incubators available in the market.

Reach-in C02 Incubator - Panasonic MCO-80IC Features:

Large Capacity, Reach-in CO2 Cell Culture Incubator

  • Ideal for culturing large volumes of patient samples, performing short-term studies, and working with large volume cell culture apparatus.
  • Passive Resistance To Mycoplasma
  • Integrated Core Technologies For Maximum Performance
  • Active Background Contamination Control
  • Exceptionally low CO2 gas consumption

General Features:

  • Panasonic inCu saFe copper-alloy-stainless interior, shelves and plenum
  • 30.1 cu. ft. large capacity cabinet allows for flexibility in usage
  • Cabinet can accommodate a roller bottle apparatus, 5 bottles wide x 7 bottles high (requires mounting kit, MCO-80RBS)
  • Horizontal Laminar airflow System promotes temperature uniformity
  • Forced air surrounding chamber allows uniform temperature distribution with no temperature gradients
  • Full view, double paned glass door allows for easy observation of samples
  • Large LED digital display and keypad for greater visibility and ease of set-up

Exceptional Contamination Control

Superior contamination control with an antibacterial copper-alloy stainless interior that helps eliminate molds, spores and other contaminating spills, kills mycoplasma and provides a noncorrosive environment.

Horizontal Laminar airflow Anti-Contamination and Design Benefits

Panasonic's reach in incubator's cross shelf directed air flow system promotes optimum temperature uniformity throughout the chamber and contributes to quick temperature recovery after door openings.

  • InCu safe chamber material in the perforated side plenums help minimize contamination concerns and direct positive and negative pressure air flow.

Superior CO2 Recovery and Lower CO2 Consumption

The large capacity incubator was specifically designed for critical applications in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical investigations.

  • Large chamber capacity requires special consideration of gas usage and recovery. Panasonic's proprietary IR sensor with P.I.D. CO2 control algorithm are paramount to the industry's best design.
  • The microprocessor automatically "zeros" the incubator using room air as a reference, maintaining accurate CO2 control without drift.

Optional UV Sterilization and Humidity Control

  • Panasonic's patented UV sterilization system is employed to sterilize the humidifying water reservoir and help eliminate contamination concerns. The unit can be set to both nominal and high humidity setpoints.
  • Humidity reservoir heaters are located on the outside walls the reservoir and are not as susceptible to corrosion and scaling from water as competitive systems.

Superior CO2, Temperature, and Contamination Control

  • CO2 range 0 to 20 percent
  • Temperature range 5 C above ambient to 50 C
  • Effective capacity per chamber: 30.1 cu. ft./851 liters

User-Friendly Advantages

  • Set point, actual and diagnostics readouts
  • Display input calibration control

Cell Culture Protection Systems

When the alarm sensor detects an abnormality, a buzzer, flashing lamp, digital indicator and other safety cut-offs are automatically activated.

  • Temperature - deviates approximately 1 C from set level, upper level heater off
  • Over Temperature - abnormal increase of temperature greater than overheat protection set point, all heaters off
  • CO2 level - deviates from the set level by more than 1 percent, upper limit CO2 valve off

Ideal for Clinical, Pharma and Biotech Applications

  • Panasonic's large capacity, Reach-in CO2 incubator has the capacity flexibility to grow with your culturing needs while providing a precise and repeatable temperature, humidity and CO2 environment.
38.8"W x 33.6"D x 80.3"H


Exterior Dimensions 38.8"W x 33.6"D x 80.3"H (986 X 853 X 2040mm)
Interior dimensions 31.7"W x 27.3"D x 60.0"H (806 X 693 X 1524mm)
Exterior cabinet Electro galvanized steel (Acrylic resin baking painted finish)
Interior volume 30.1cu.ft ( 851 L)
Interior cabinet Copper alloy Stainless Steel (except humidifying reservoir)
External door Double paned glass door with outer door latch
Inner door system (option) Available as an option (Polycarbonate, 5 doors set )
Shelves Copper alloy Stainless Steel, 5 standard
Dimensions W30.5" x D25.9" x H0.4" (W776 X D659 X H10mm)
Load Capacity: 30kg (66 lbs.) per shelf
Access ports Ø 40 mm(1.57"), 2 locations (Right and left sides) with silicone rubber stopper
Humidifying reservoir Integrated with an inner chamber (Stainless Steel, SUS304) Front accessible drainage valve
Humidifying water sterilization system (option) UV light over the humidifying reservoir (available as an option)
Heating method Heater with fan air circulation, Cross shelf laminar air flow
Temp. control system Microprocessor P.I.D. with thermistor sensor, Temp. fluctuation range +/-0.1 deg C
Temp. display Digital display (0.1 deg C increments)
Ambient temperature condition 20 deg C to 35 deg C
Temp. controllable range (Ambient temperature + 5 C) to 50 C
Temp. distribution +/-0.5 deg C
Temp. fluctuation margin +/-0.1 C
Humidifying method Heated vaporization with water in humidity pan (High humidity mode available)
Chamber humidity Over 80%RH (High humidity mode: over 90%RH)
High humidity mode Selectable by function mode (for over 90%RH)
Humidifying water retention days (Reference) 15 days (Reference) (Under a condition of AT20 deg C, SV 37 deg C, CO2 5%, no load, no door opening, and 80%RH)
Water drainage Drainage valve (lower side of front frame) Drainage into a drainage tray/bottle (provided)
Water Fill Water fill located at the front side of interior bottom
Automatic water supply system (Option) Water supply connection (chamber bottom rear side) Tank connection only (Direct connection with public water line is not advised), Solenoid valve opens in response to low water level sensor
Overflow Drain outlet on front lower side
CO2 gas control Microprocessor P.I.D. with infrared sensor
CO2 level display Digital display (0.1% increments)
CO2 gas range 0% to 20%
CO2 level fluctuation range +/-0.15%
CO2 gas inlet pressure 15 psi (0.1 MPa) at injection
Net unit weight 605 lbs. (275 kg.)
Inner circulation system Forced air circulation, Horizontal laminar cross shelf airflow
Power requirements 115V, 20 Amps, 60 Hz, NEMA 5-20P Plug
Interior/Exterior convenience receptacle Interior Duplex: Vapor Proof. 115V, 3 Amp. Max. Rating - Exterior Duplex: 115V, 1Amp. Max. Rating
Alarms High/Low temp. alarm, CO2 density alarm, Upper limit temp. alarm, Door ajar alarm
Remote alarm contacts N.O. (normally open) and N.C. (normally closed) contacts included, rating DC 30V, 2A
Product Height : 80.3
Product Length : 33.6
Product Width : 38.8



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