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Lab Incubation

Panasonic Refrigerated Incubator / Environmental Testing Chamber MIR-254-PA

Panasonic Refrigerated Incubator / Environmental Testing Chamber MIR-254-PA

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SKU: MIR-254-PA C-S-8695

8.4 Cu. Ft.

27.6"W x 22.8"D x 63.7"H
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Lab & Pharmacy Refrigerator - Refrigerated Incubator / Environmental Testing Chamber - Panasonic MIR-254

Refrigerated Incubator / Environmental Testing Chamber, model MIR-254, manufactured by Panasonic incorporates an 8-bit microprocessor controller for heat and refrigeration control to +/-0.2 Deg C, precise temperature control for accurate, repeatable conditions and CFC-free foamed-in-place rigid insulation. The automatic setting temperature alarm activates automatically if chamber temperature deviates more than 2.5 Deg C from setpoint. The digital indicator flashes during warning.

Refrigerated Incubator / Environmental Testing Chamber - Panasonic MIR-254 Features:

The MIR-Series incorporates an 8-bit microprocessor controller for heat and refrigeration control;0.2 deg C. Programmable models include three-step functions useful for investigations involving microbiology, plant cell biology and more.

Precise Temperature Control For accurate, Repeatable Conditions

  • High precision microprocessor controller combined with a heater P.I.D. and compressor On-Off system.
  • Feed forward function inputs compressor operating conditions beforehand, assuring accurate temperature control.
  • Wide temperature range settable from -10 deg C to +60 deg C with precise temperature control to +/-0.1 deg C.
  • Chamber temperature uniformity;0.5 deg C

Energy Saving Operation

  • Microprocessor control operates heater and compressor functions for optimum automatic operation.
  • Control sensitivity to ambient and load conditions minimizes power requirement.

CFC-Free Foamed-In-Place Rigid Insulation

  • High thermal retention
  • Energy saving
  • Environmentally safe

Triple-Pane Glass Window, fluorescent Lamp

  • Allow sample observation during process.
  • Light shielding plate (MIR-153/253) can be attached to block ambient light

Alarm and Security System, Automatic Setting Temperature Alarm

  • Activates automatically if chamber temperature deviates more than +/-2.5 deg C from setpoint
  • Digital indicator flashes during warning
  • Audible buzzer sounds after 10 minutes
  • Accommodates programmed operation or setpoint changes

Independent Over and Under-Temperature Protection

  • Isolated from main circuit, an exclusive and independent sensor functions even if sensor or microprocessor continuity is interrupted
  • Activates audible and visual warning in case of deviation
  • Over temperature function:
    • Turns off heater and chamber fan motor during alarm condition
    • 15 deg C - 65 deg C
  • Under temperature function
    • Turns off refrigeration compressor
    • -15 deg C to +20 deg C
  • Remote alarm contacts provided for connection to external alarm system

Programmed Memory Back-Up System

  • Retains programmed data for approximately 5 hours if power is interrupted.
  • When power is restored, operation continues according to pre-determined program

Automatic Return Buzzer Switch

  • Automatically switches to ON mode after alarm condition
  • Minimizes chance of human error on alarm reset.

Control Key Lock Switch

  • Prevents unauthorized change in setpoints or programs
  • Includes multi-position switch activated to ON or OFF by control key

Control Key Auto Return

  • Automatically returns temperature indicator to normal indication when control key is not operated for approximately 90 seconds.
  • Assures normal operation, minimizes chance of human error if operational setting is not re-established.

Self-Diagnostic Function

  • Digitally indicates system error
  • Allows quick operator response

Refrigeration System

  • Panasonic hermetically sealed compressors
  • CFC-free refrigerants
  • fin and tube type evaporator
  • Manual start defrost, automatic finish


    MIR environmental test chambers/refrigerated incubators are ideal in testing applications such as:
  • Industrial testing in the electrical, machinery, textiles industries
  • Chemical testing e.g., storage, stability, acid/alkali, durability
  • Food industry for packaging, quality control and stability
  • Testing for waste water, BOD, soil testing
  • Microorganism culturing
  • Germination experiments

Optional Accessories

  • MIR-S154SB
  • Key Mounting Plate: MIR-LP
  • Lighting addition kit: MIR-LP15
  • Light shading plate for glass: MIR-154BP/MIR-254BP
  • Chart Recorder: MTR-C958
27.6"W x 22.8"D x 63.7"H


Refrigerated Incubator / Environmental Testing Chamber - Sanyo MIR-254
Effective Capacity 8.4 cu.ft (238 liters)
Exterior Dimensions 27.6"W x 22.8"D x 63.7"H (700 x 580 x 1618mm)
Interior Dimensions 24.4"W x 15.2"D x 21.9"H (620 x 386 x 1088mm)
Exterior Galvanized Steel with baked on finish
Interior Stainless Steel
Door Painted Steel & Triple pane glass with observation window and key
Shelves 5, PE coated Steel wire, Adjustable
Insulation Foam-in-place rigid polyurethane
Air Circulation System Forced air circulation
Compressor 256W Hermetic type
Evaporator Fin and tube type, forced circulation
Defrosting System Selectable manual start or timer defrost, natural vaporisation of drain water
Heater 218 W Cord Heater
Temp. Setting Indication Digital setting with digital display
Temperature Control Microprocessor PID system, (when compressor operates, ON/OFF control)
Temperature Sensor Thermistor
Automatic Setting temp. alarm When temp. deviates approx. +/-2.5 deg C, visual and audible alarm
Over temp. protection device Visual audible alarm
Programmed Operation 3-step repeat from 1-99 times or Continuous repeat
Temperature Range -10 deg C to + 60 deg C
Temperature Controllability +/-0.2 deg C at heater PID control, +/-1 deg C at compressor ON/OFF control
Temperature Uniformity +/-0.5 deg C (Temp. setting 37 deg C, ambient temp. 20 deg C, no load)
Voltage 115 V/60 Hz.
Power Consumption 295 W
Interior Light 15 W x 1, fluorescent lamp
Weight 238 lbs (108 kg)
Product Height : 63.7
Product Length : 22.8
Product Width : 27.6



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