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What Makes Us Different


Our mission is to offer our customers an extensive selection of medical, commercial and residential refrigeration, restaurant equipment supply, water coolers, heating & air conditioning, LED light products, emergency preparedness, , fuel and telecommunication services, which surpass all industry design and quality standards.


At Mega Super Stores we provide our customers with competitive prices, superior quality, and unbeatable customer service. We offer an outstanding warranty to demonstrate our concern for continuous customer satisfaction.


At Mega Super Stores our unique line of refrigerators, freezers and other major appliances are built to NSF standards. Our focus is finding and providing innovative products to meet the unique needs of customers who might not find their appliance solution in a big box store. Our selection of major appliances is huge and includes hard-to-find footprints. These include smaller counter-depth refrigerator-freezers; under-counter selections in 12, 15, 18, 20, 24 and 30 inch widths; and the industry’s largest collection of 32” high ADA compliant under-counter products.


Our Medical and Life Sciences Store carry medical refrigeration lines that include selections for general purpose, refrigeration for pharmaceutical, scientific, medical, and laboratory applications with defined temperature ranges, and highly stabilized vaccine refrigeration.


Mega Super Stores manufacturer’s facilities allow us to offer customized product lines in both style and function, such as achieving specific temperature ranges (whether colder or warmer) for unique food, beverage, or medical products; changing the exterior appearance of appliances to match homes, offices or institutional settings; or modifying the performance and dimensions of products to fit unusual spaces. We offer an unmatched combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and comprehensive support.